Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mihun Sup

Okay, this was made aeons ago ... during our time at 'DP'. Got busy with life and updating blog somehow became not a top priority .... until recently, I thought back of my blog, which captured so many fond memories. Okay, renewed resolution ... will try to update religiously. 

Adapted from Bihun Sup, MyResipi

  • Mihun untuk 2 orang makan
  • 2 ketul ayam (bahagian berisi)
  • 1 pokok sawi
  • Segenggam taugeh
  • Daun bawang dipotong halus
  • Daun sup dipotong halus
  • Segenggam bawang goreng
  • 3 ulas bawang merah
  • 3 ulas bawang putih
  • Seinci halia
  • 1 batang kulit kayu manis
  • 2 kuntum bunga lawang
  • 3 kuntum bunga cengkih
  • Rempah sup
  • Rempah kurma
  • Garam
  • Serbuk pati ayam
  • 6 biji cili padi
  • 1 biji limau nipis (diambil jusnya)
  • Kicap pekat manis
  • Minyak untuk menumis
  • Air 
Cara Masak:

1. Rendam mihun dalam air
2. Tumbuk 2 ulas bawang merah dan 2 ulas bawang putih serta halia
3. Panaskan minyak, tumiskan bahan tumbuk tadi bersama bunga lawang, kulit kayu manis dan cengkih.
4. Setelah bahan tumisan naik bau dan berwarna perang, masukkan ayam dan gaul-gaul sehingga ayam kelihatan perang.
5. Masukkan air.
6. Setelah air menggelegak, masukkan rempah sup ke dlm periuk sehingga mencapai tahap kekeruhan yang diingini.
7. Masukkan pula rempah kurma dalam anggaran 1 sudu teh.
8. Masukkan garam & serbuk pati ayam secukupnya, kacau, tutup periuk dan perlahankan api. Biarkan sup mereneh.
9. Setelah ayam dalam sup masak elok, keluarkan dan siat2 isinya. Setelah itu, celur sawi, taugeh & mihun.
10. Setelah siap, bolehlah masukkan bihun ke dalam mangkuk, diikuti taugeh, sawi dan isi ayam. Taburkan daun bawang, daun sup & bawang goreng di atasnya. 
11. Hidang bersama sambal kicap, makan doa makan dan makan!

Untuk sambal kicap:
sangai bawang putih & cili padi - tumbuk - campurkan dgn kicap - siap!

Bahan-bahan nampak sangat byk, tapi sila jangan be intimidated by it. the simplicity of this dish is what making it tasty :) . tak caya, tanyelah encik Mon ~

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My lil' button's child care centre

I send my little button at a day care centre provided by my employer. It's nearby the office, parents can come and visit/breastfeed anytime,the place is highly secured and the facilities are tip top - senang hati mama ayah kat opis.

When I was in my last trimester (maybe end april/ early may), Tunas Kijang conducted an open day, which was timely as I had planned to send in my child there. We were welcomed and was given a briefing. After that, we were given a tour around the building by the school teachers and also briefed on the montessori method that the centre adopt. There is a quota for each level of kids here, and they also accept infants as young as 2
months old. 

hearing attentively

the corridor
outdoor playground

colourful - wish i could be a kid again!
the sickbay
one of the toddler's classrooms

one of the infant's classrooms
where poops are being washed - hihi!

Well, those are some of the pictures taken, thanks to Encik Mon and Af. So far, the place is very hygienic la, there are a lot of hand sanitizers around the school, kids are taken body temperature each time they enter their classrooms, towels are asked to be replaced daily, etc. Besides that, selalu jugak ada PTA meetings, sports/games day between teachers and parents.

Little button on his first day :)
So far, all the teachers at little button's classroom adore him as well as his friends' parents. The parents nicknamed him 'happy baby' :)) if he is one happy baby, then I am one happy mama, alhamdulillah ~

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