Sunday, February 2, 2014

Scratched by a Cat

Nearby our home is a medium sized grocery shop where you can buy most of the necessary items for daily use. I was just gawping at this huge aloe leaf sold here ... but didn't think much of whether to get one in the future for its medicinal properties or not.

The following day, on our way out, we came across a stray but tamed-looking tabby cat, and let little button played with the cat for a while when the cat suddenly turned ferocious and bite while its hands scratched him. Poor baby. It happened too fast, in just a blink of an eye.

Little button was bleeding, and we quickly washed the wounds. The area where the cat bit him was quite deep ... we applied dettol and put on hansaplast. Little button only cried when the cat first bit him ... but surprisingly not when we applied the antiseptic. 

That evening, after his bath, I applied fusicort cream to his wounds and remembered of Aloe vera. We went to the shop and bought one leaf. I referred to video below on how to handle the leaf and applied on little button just before bedtime.

The next morning, after 1 application. teruk, kan?

Hopefully this gel will do wonders to my son's wounds. We are monitoring him in case there's any fever or infection. But he is one brave boy, I should say. No whining, no crying at all.
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