Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Philips Air Fryer and My 1st Airfried Cake

We have a new kitchen gadget.....well, not exactly new. It was December 2014 actually. We got a voucher and scouted for anything worth redeemed. I wanted a slow cooker initially, since I have started making my own bone stock/broth but my other half wasnt really keen. He suggested an airfryer. Fine. Lets get the airfryer then.

The airfryer comes with a recipe booklet and we tested 1 recipe, teriyaki chicken wing or something like that. Taste wise-ok but the wings were not cooked through and we had to re fry twice - using the airfryer, of course. I was not excited at all......and with the uncooked wings.....double thumbs down.

Months later, we started to use the air fryer again. Mainly for frying french fries. It was great. With so much less oil yet the taste is not compromised....I started to learn to love the fryer. Next, we started getting adventurous. We tried the chicken wing recipe from vah chef.....and it was yummy! Sometimes we use it to reheat food too. It is very convenient whereby you don't have to preheat it long and you can just set the temp and time, and leave it to cook. P/s  i am totally not getting any commission from philips hihi

Do you guys know that the air fryer can also bake? Oh yes. But you hv to adjust the temp and timing accordingly. And, the cake tin must also be smaller to fit into it. Below is my first trial baking a cake using the air fryer. I halved the recipe and used a silicone mould. The cake turned out yummy, and you wouldnt hv guessed it came out from the fryer!

Fruit Cake - yvonne ong

100 g self raising flour
100 g butter ( buy the expensive one)
100 g sugar
100 g mixed fruit (i used choc chips)
2 eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla essence

Melt and blend the butter.
Put in sugar, eggs, flour, vanilla essence and mixed fruits.
Note: blend it each time an ingredient is added in.

AF 170 degree celcius and bake for min 30 mins. Use a stick to test if it is ready (when there is no residue on the stick then the cake is ready)

Baked at 140 deg for 15min

Looking nice after cooled down

I just airfried a cake! Wee hooo~

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