Friday, January 25, 2013

Pekan Sari Chenor - Nov '12

Salam maulid nabi ... as I have a longer weekend, I hope I can update the blog with past events that took place months ago that I never got the chance to record them in the blog. lets cross fingers that my hajat murni accomplish :)

For a start, I'll write about our trip to Pekan Sari Chenor back in November 2012. I was googling, and was somehow got to know about this pekan sari chenor. apparently some towns in pahang have pekan sari - it's actually pekan sehari (one day market), usually from early morning until noon. there are pekan sari temerloh - held every sunday, near the riverbank of pahang river and is said to be the longest one day market in malaysia, pekan sari pekan - held in pekan and pekan sari chenor - held every thursday, at chenor. this is the list of pekan sari that I found so far.

The short trip was on 15 Nov, 2012, and it was a thursday (public holiday in conjunction of awal muharram). Encik Mon and I planned to stop by at the pekan sari chenor, just to check it out and later have lunch at our favourite masak ikan patin tempoyak pak usop at temerloh before heading home. 

The journey took roughly 3.5 hours, chenor town is further up from temerloh, towards Terengganu. To be honest, we couldn't find the gps coordinate of the pekan sari, and the blogs that had blogged about it were not being helpful either. so, it was really based on the driver's instinct heheheh. but, at last we found the place. we arrived there around 11.30am but some of the merchants were about to pack up their stuff and ready to go. 

fresh fish ... including the famous patin

kuih dangai on the left and on the right ... forgot its name

this makcik sells duck and goose eggs. but worst part was, she charged us RM8 for each goose egg....killer!

putu bambu. this is the place that succeeded in making me fell in love with putu bambu
As you can see from the pictures above, pekan sari is the place where most sellers from nearby towns and villages bring their goods to sell. Some of the stuff are fresh picked vegetables, fresh fish, meat, spices, local delicacies (kuih-muih), clothes, parang and even animals i.e. rabbit, birds, etc.

By noon when most of the sellers were ready to go home, we started to head to Temerloh to get our ikan patin masak tempoyak from Pak Usop's restaurant. but to our dismay, the restaurant is closed!! well, what can we do, we have been this far - so we can't afford to go back to KL without eating ikan patin tempoyak.....thus, we ate at the restaurant next to Pak Usop's, seemed like everyone had the same thinking as ours - so that particular restaurant had an upsurge in customers that day...rezeki dia.

Kenyang perut, hati gembira ... so we head back home. on the way, we stopped by to buy durian (there were many stalls selling durian by the highway).

little button fast asleep

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Siakap kukus ala thai & ayam goreng kunyit

Salam tengah hari ahad!

Rasa macam dah lama tak main masak-masak, ni kan ? iyo lahhh ... sejak-sejak ader little button, memang tak menang tangan ... nak-nak pulak now little button dah sibuk nak berjalan ... ke sana sini dia merayap ... tapi seb baik la tadi little button lena tido ... dapatlah mama and ayah makan lunch dengan penuh nikmat arini ialah ikan siakap masak stim ala thai yang diambil resipi dari sini dan ayam goreng kunyit resipi Encik Mon sendiri (cececehhh ... !). Tapi resipi ikan stim kat bawah ni pwincess alter.

Ikan siakap masak ala thai

1 ekor ikan siakap
2 biji bawang merah - mayang
2 biji bawang putih - diketuk
1/2 inci halia - mayang
6 biji cili padi - dihiris nipis
2 helai dau limau purut-dihiris nipis
2 batang serai - ddiketuk
4 biji belimbing buluh - dibelah dua memanjang
1 sudu besar sos ikan
1/2 sudu besar kicap cair
1/2 sudu besar sos tiram
air sedikit*
daun sup**
garam secukup rasa**
1 sudu besar tepung jagung dibancuh dgn air room temp sedikit**

1. Panaskan air dlm pengukus.
2. Masuk ikan dalam bekas untuk mengukus, dan gaul semua bahan di seluruh ikan, luar dalam semuanya.
3. Masukkan air (*). Kukus ikan dalam 5-10 minit atau hingga ikan masak.
4. Masukkan bahan bertanda **. Sesuaikan rasa garam, gula. Jika masin, tambahkan air atau perah air limau.

Ayam goreng kunyit

1 dada ayam - dipotong dadu
1 biji bawang holland - hiris bulat tebal
segenggam french beans - sipotong serong

1. Gaul isi ayam dengan serbuk kunyit dan garam.
2. Panaskan sket minyak, dan stir fry isi ayam tadi hingga masak.
3. Masukkan bawang holland, stir lagi and lastly masukkan french beans. pwincess prefer my vege to be crunchy, so jgn masak sampai layu sangat.

Dah siap! makan dgn brown rice panas-panas, and air grenadine lemon and sambal totok .... berselera weii.

Monday, January 14, 2013



Nice date, isn't it? It's even nicer since it is our fourth wedding anniversary :)  how time really flies, Alhamdulillah, feels like only yesterday we were solemnized as husband and wife.

Anyway, coincidentally our theme for wedding anniversary gifts for each other this year is wallet/purse!

My first gift to Encik Mon when we were courting was a wallet, and he really hold on to it like some precious heirloom. How honoured I was (and still am) :) As you would have guessed it, four years later, the wallet dah takda rupa wallet ... lunyai I've been telling Encik Mon to throw it away, since it could be dangerous with a wallet in that kind of condition, his important documents and banknotes could slip away unnoticed. But Encik Mon rasa sedih to replace the wallet with a different one, since it was given by me ...... solution is, I decided to give him another wallet!

 Well, mine is simple. we went shopping after work at Pavillion, and I fell in love with this ...... and tada! He bought me that as a gift. 

Actually that is a second gift. Encik Mon had bought another gift for both of us a few days before that.

* credit to reuters

Alhamdulillah ... kecik tapak tangan, nyiru kutadahkan ... loving it Mon, hik hik hik~

But, most of all, I am truly grateful that he is my husband. Well, Mon dearest, should you be reading this, I want to thank you for your endless patience, love, support given since the day we met. I'll always treasure our time together and look forward to share many, many more happy years, dreams, laughter, joy and create more precious memories with you and little button(s). Semoga Allah panjangkan jodoh kami hingga ke Jannah, lembutkan hatinya terhadapku, dan kekalkan dan tambahkanlah sifat baik dan kasih sayangnya terhadap diriku dan keluarga kami hingga ke Akhirat. Semoga kami hidup dalam kesenangan, kebahagiaan dan keberkatan Ilahi sentiasa~

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013... Lets Putu Bambu

Happy new year everyone! 2012 has been very colourful for me, what more, with Little Button joining us! May this year be a prosperous year for our little growing family, Ameen....

Well, I'll blog about Putu Bambu as the first entry for 2013 ....

I have been suffering from migraines for a few days already, have not been able to sleep and this morning, I vomitted non-stop. The doc said my blood pressure was a bit high and persuaded me to take the day off. Encik Mon fetched me but had to go to KEV for some work. I slept all the way.

While on the way, Encik Mon stopped by at a stall called,'Putu Bambu World' at Masjid Al-Ansar and bought a packet of putu bambu. Hoho ...yes ... I am now an ardent fan of putu bambu. Heran kan, I hate all kinds of putu (except putu mayam) since childhood, but Allah bukakkan hati untuk try once during our Temerloh trip ... and the rest is history. tehehehe~

Back to this putu bambu, they are green in colour ... nicely packed with a spoon inside (very ergonomic!!I like) and the palm sugar is placed generously at both ends of the putu bambu ... that way, you can cut it into half, and you'll get to enjoy the putu with sugar either side you take. Each pack is RM3.00 and it contains 5 pieces of putu bambu.

They are very scrumptious that on our way back from KEV, Encik Mon singgah sekali lagi and bought 2 more packs!! this is their contact number. banyak ghupenye cawangan ... nyum nyummmm

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