Friday, January 25, 2013

Pekan Sari Chenor - Nov '12

Salam maulid nabi ... as I have a longer weekend, I hope I can update the blog with past events that took place months ago that I never got the chance to record them in the blog. lets cross fingers that my hajat murni accomplish :)

For a start, I'll write about our trip to Pekan Sari Chenor back in November 2012. I was googling, and was somehow got to know about this pekan sari chenor. apparently some towns in pahang have pekan sari - it's actually pekan sehari (one day market), usually from early morning until noon. there are pekan sari temerloh - held every sunday, near the riverbank of pahang river and is said to be the longest one day market in malaysia, pekan sari pekan - held in pekan and pekan sari chenor - held every thursday, at chenor. this is the list of pekan sari that I found so far.

The short trip was on 15 Nov, 2012, and it was a thursday (public holiday in conjunction of awal muharram). Encik Mon and I planned to stop by at the pekan sari chenor, just to check it out and later have lunch at our favourite masak ikan patin tempoyak pak usop at temerloh before heading home. 

The journey took roughly 3.5 hours, chenor town is further up from temerloh, towards Terengganu. To be honest, we couldn't find the gps coordinate of the pekan sari, and the blogs that had blogged about it were not being helpful either. so, it was really based on the driver's instinct heheheh. but, at last we found the place. we arrived there around 11.30am but some of the merchants were about to pack up their stuff and ready to go. 

fresh fish ... including the famous patin

kuih dangai on the left and on the right ... forgot its name

this makcik sells duck and goose eggs. but worst part was, she charged us RM8 for each goose egg....killer!

putu bambu. this is the place that succeeded in making me fell in love with putu bambu
As you can see from the pictures above, pekan sari is the place where most sellers from nearby towns and villages bring their goods to sell. Some of the stuff are fresh picked vegetables, fresh fish, meat, spices, local delicacies (kuih-muih), clothes, parang and even animals i.e. rabbit, birds, etc.

By noon when most of the sellers were ready to go home, we started to head to Temerloh to get our ikan patin masak tempoyak from Pak Usop's restaurant. but to our dismay, the restaurant is closed!! well, what can we do, we have been this far - so we can't afford to go back to KL without eating ikan patin tempoyak.....thus, we ate at the restaurant next to Pak Usop's, seemed like everyone had the same thinking as ours - so that particular restaurant had an upsurge in customers that day...rezeki dia.

Kenyang perut, hati gembira ... so we head back home. on the way, we stopped by to buy durian (there were many stalls selling durian by the highway).

little button fast asleep


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