Monday, January 14, 2013



Nice date, isn't it? It's even nicer since it is our fourth wedding anniversary :)  how time really flies, Alhamdulillah, feels like only yesterday we were solemnized as husband and wife.

Anyway, coincidentally our theme for wedding anniversary gifts for each other this year is wallet/purse!

My first gift to Encik Mon when we were courting was a wallet, and he really hold on to it like some precious heirloom. How honoured I was (and still am) :) As you would have guessed it, four years later, the wallet dah takda rupa wallet ... lunyai I've been telling Encik Mon to throw it away, since it could be dangerous with a wallet in that kind of condition, his important documents and banknotes could slip away unnoticed. But Encik Mon rasa sedih to replace the wallet with a different one, since it was given by me ...... solution is, I decided to give him another wallet!

 Well, mine is simple. we went shopping after work at Pavillion, and I fell in love with this ...... and tada! He bought me that as a gift. 

Actually that is a second gift. Encik Mon had bought another gift for both of us a few days before that.

* credit to reuters

Alhamdulillah ... kecik tapak tangan, nyiru kutadahkan ... loving it Mon, hik hik hik~

But, most of all, I am truly grateful that he is my husband. Well, Mon dearest, should you be reading this, I want to thank you for your endless patience, love, support given since the day we met. I'll always treasure our time together and look forward to share many, many more happy years, dreams, laughter, joy and create more precious memories with you and little button(s). Semoga Allah panjangkan jodoh kami hingga ke Jannah, lembutkan hatinya terhadapku, dan kekalkan dan tambahkanlah sifat baik dan kasih sayangnya terhadap diriku dan keluarga kami hingga ke Akhirat. Semoga kami hidup dalam kesenangan, kebahagiaan dan keberkatan Ilahi sentiasa~


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