Monday, December 21, 2009

Our First Wedding Anniversary

A year down, infinity to go! I can't believe it's been a whole year for us already. Time flies when you're having fun, and that's a good thing to say about being together, isn't it? *^_^* Berdua lebih baik, bukan begitu?? hehe...of course, I am not trying to overlook that we haven't had our disagreements or kinks, which is inevitable in a marriage, of course.

Kalau nak diikutkan traditional wedding anniversary celebration and gift, 1st year would be paper. but we decided to celebrate and exchange gifts with each other using our own way. we spent the whole day at Genting Highlands ... hati dah berkobar-kobar nak naik cable car and all outdoor rides. cable car ride was splendid tho the queue sangat tak munasabah ... tapi bile sampai2 je kat atas tu ... awan kumulonimbus dah gemuk gile-gile ... and last-last it poured down. chait!

nevertheless, kitaorg naik sume indoor rides di situ. yaaa, bagi berbaloi sama itu tix. mase nak balik naik cable car tu .. ha part ni yang tak boleh blah. cable car ade some probs but orang-orang depa tak announce to inform pun! beratur sampai 2.5jam hokey. adeh la. nasib baik malam tu tdo kat awana. lega betui.

as for the gift exchange, prince belikan pwincess henpon baru. yabedabedu! sangat2 hepi!! pwincess pulak...belikan prince H casual shirt dan sepentot cap renoma. sangat berbezanye our gifts dengan the so-called paper gift kalau nak diikutkan traditional belief itu. hehe.

To prince dearest,

Thank you for completing the missing piece of puzzle in me and accepting me the way i am. Semoga jodoh kita panjang sampai akhir hayat dan dikurniakan kebahagiaan sentiasa...amin!


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