Friday, July 9, 2010

check it out ... my bro was featured in the DEMC's new website

DEMC Specialist Hospital Shah Alam has just been relocated to section 14 , Shah Alam last month and since then, they have revved up their marketing activities to increase awareness among public consumers. My brother, also took part to promote his new office (unintentionally). "pejabatku, syurgaku, perhaps?" he he. He excitedly informed us the other day that his face is currently featured in the new DEMC official website.

rose among the thorns, eh ?

looking good, barei ;-p

pssst!! For those who would like to have some professional consultation services related to health, just head up to DEMC since I got a tip off that DEMC has the cheapest consultation fee in town!


TiNiE said...

haluuu dee!!!

pwincess D said...

haluuuuu kaktin!!! :)

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