Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sizzling at Pepper Lunch

we were invited to have iftar at royale chulan last friday, only to see greedy people senduk lauk as if it was the last supper ... selfish people who booked the whole table and brought along the whole family who exists in their family tree ... inconsiderate husbands ignoring their pregnant wives and friends who only cared to feed their tummies. sound like scenes from a cerekarama, eh? believe it or not, it's what we witnessed on that night.

we were disgusted by the scene and since kita tak ngadap sangat ... we drove off to pavillion ... and prince ajak try out this restaurant called PEPPER LUNCH. All right, that's something new to me and the food printed in the menu seems tantalizing and so we ordered Combo Cut Steak & Chicken. There is also a choice of Norwegian salmon, sausage, carbonara and many more. Food was served not long after we placed our order so that's 1 positive point. And oh ya, as you wait for your food to arrive, you get to learn how to 'cook' your food as shown on the LCD TV at the premise.
Basically the cooking steps are easy peasy and does not required any special culinary skills whatsoever although there was this 1 lady who stood up and cooked her food vigorously with the chopstick and spoon macam goreng kuey tiow dalam wok kat rumah. she must be a regular customer of pepper lunch ;p

The waiter will serve your order on a sizzling iron plate and you just need to :
1. spread the special pepper butter over meat
2. turn over meat quickly as it cooks fast
3. cook the vege
4. pour your choice of sauce over meat + vege

There are 2 types of sauces that you can choose from; either honey brown sauce which is sweet and the other one is garlic soy sauce which is salty. I chose the latter, sprinkled lots of pepper on my meat............and I love it so much!

Tada ... ~~~
The yolk which oozed out as you stir in rice on the plate is ..... oh my. beyond words. haha! Tak percaya? Silalah pergi to the nearest pepper lunch ... there's 1 in sunway pyramid, another one in midvalley and of course, 1 in pavillion. wow, i'm talking like a promoter, am I not? emmphh....pepper lunch should consider paying a bit of commission to me ... hehehe~


Hafiz said...

nyum nyum...

pwincess D said...

nyum kan? sukiyaki pun nyummeh :-p~ (icon saliva drooling, hehe)

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