Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bintulu, Sarawak


I've been putting off updating my blog for quite a while ... but nevertheless, I have loads of pictures to upload.

Bintulu is a nice place to live in. It takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes to go there by flight from KL. We stayed in Parkcity Everly Hotel during our stay there. Although halal eateries are relatively scarce especially nearby the hotel area, there is a supermarket that we go to regularly.

The hotel is superb as well. I love my room so much, it has a seaside window view. But the downside is, aircond dia terlalu sejuk. kuasa kuda ke apa...mengalahkan kalau pegi negara musim sejuk. Brrrr~

Anyway, to be honest, there are not many happening places in Bintulu as compared to KL. It's more of a place where ppl come to find jobs rather than shopping. despite that, Mr Prince rented a car for us to go sight seeing for a day. yup, 1 day is good enough to cover everything here ;p

The day started off with a fine bowl of mee kolok. There are 2 choices; mee kolok with soup or without soup.
mee kolok without soup

mee kolok with soup

Our first stop was the Tugu Dewan Undangan Negeri The monument commemorates the centenary of the 1st meeting of the council of Negeri Sarawak held on 8th Sept 1867.

Tugu Dewan Undangan Negeri

Next is Tamu Bintulu. A quite interesting place I should say. Apart from the veggies, fruits, etc, you can also find a few sellers selling phytons, tortoises and ulat mulong. geli lak teringat ulat mulong tu tergedik gedik ... huhu~

Pasar Utama & Tamu Bintulu

cili antu ... pedas giler

pucuk paku midin

kitaorg perasan kat bintulu byk jual sayur2 family sawi, as above

ingatkan buah salak sarawak...hihi rupenye asam paya

ikan uji rashid as they are notoriously known

baby ikan todak!!

Best kan pegi pasar....hahaa... kat pasar tu lah kitaorg jumpe sharks banyak gila ... mcm orang jual ikan kembung tu, melambak-lambak haa. next we went to pantai tanjung batu. tapi signboard tulis pantai temasya bintulu. layan~

hehe try bawak kete manual ...

Taman Tumbina ... short for taman TUMbuhan dan BINAtang. cute kan nama dia? mcm thumbelina

ohhh besar sgt paruh dia...lenguh tak tengkuk dia agak-agaknya

flamingo with their shocking pink feet...woot woot

ha. this one is not what we were supposed to see. ular daun resting freely on top of a tree


menara kidurong ...
ada pantai kidurong gak, tapi tak singgah bcoz it was raining


BDA building

watching the beautiful sunset

where we had our dinner ... kata orang, terbaekk di bintulu

Ada mcm pondok-pondok kecik with its own names i.e teratak cili padi, teratak serai, etc where you can bersila and eat

There are set menus with reasonable price (RM10), senang kalau korang tatau nak makan ape..... pilih je tu. mr Prince ordered set Puteri Santubong

i just don't fancy anything to do with pais tapi takkanlah dtg bintulu nak order western food. last2 i ordered pucuk paku garlic and ikan siakap assam nyonya. terbaekkk!

oh. on a side note, this is another dish that is new to us. nasi lalapan. sedap. ada jugak makan nasi lalapan at another eatery tapi yang tu tak sedap. rupa pun lain.

we ended the day by strolling at the bintulu waterfront promenade



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