Monday, March 21, 2011

Papa's Birthday


I'm backkk .... to blogging. a few things happened, trips here and there, in between sickness and social obligations, but I am just plain lazy to update the blog. I assume no one would be missing my absence - yes? no?

we celebrated my papa's birthday early March ... after he came back from his India trip.

bubbly children. ain kept on announcing,"birthday ain next month" ...
well, if yours is around the corner, then so is mine ;p

food on that night.
balan as usual, making his favourite type of dish but they were seriously good, i tell you!
salad to neutralize all those meaty sensations and red velvet cake to soothe the throats

cake cutting ceremony ;p hehe

Happy birthday, papa!
Semoga Allah panjangkan umur papa, dilipatgandakan rezeki dan dikurniakan kesihatan yang bagus yang berpanjangan dan diberkatiNya selalu!

we love you, always :)


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