Friday, April 15, 2011

Age is just a number, get it?

technically i am still twenty something.

i used to be not secretive about my age until .... i see what happen to a person who is older and discloses his/her age. tak payah elaborate lah macam mana dia kena kutuk kan? but enough for me to say that i hate that kind of comments and thus, i am now a changed person.

yes, i do not disclose my age to most people.

age is just a number, is not it? but to some people, it acts like a benchmark. when you do something that is sooo not your age, then it's a big no-no. a disappointment. a disregard.

boring betul, kan?

and worst thing is when someone actually knows your age, which turns out that you are older than that person is, that person decides not to follow any of your ideas, advices, etc etc, and that is simply totally irritating okey! kalau betul tak ok or not applicable idea/advices kita takpelah....but guess what....dia pegi curik idea kita and claim that itu idea dia, haaa ape cite tu?


Eliza said...

u're rite girl. i'm 40 but my heart is like those 17yrs old teenagers. ok tak? haha!

agree with u, age is just a number. a heart that love with always stay young and beautiful...

pwincess D said...

ish, ye ke 40 ni? tapi jiwa kekal muda remaja, xpe laa ... ok sgt tu :)

i like that, what matters most is a pure heart that loves others ~

thanks, sis!

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