Saturday, July 2, 2011


Too many things happened/happening simultaneously recently that I'm stumped to update which one in the blog. Update mana yang teringat aje lah ~

Well, for one thing, yesterday should be our last day with BGL ... but something came up, so we had to postpone the farewell session. psst .... ! ada orang tu kan, dia sedey nak say bye-bye to BGL because there are lots of memories of them together .. saper la orang tu kan ... ;p

On another note, we are excited to welcome our newest member ... si singa besar ... insya Allah ...

and ... aper lagik ye?

Oh ya, remember a couple of weeks ago, I blogged about how mad I was with Nuffnang? ahhh, they stayed true to their words ... they immediately contacted me up once they got hold of the TGV tickets ... and, they gave me extra 2 tickets to compensate for everything, that means, I get to get 6 tickets! greatttt ... dah redeem 2 ... tinggal lagi 4 :)

We went home scouting yesterday ... and now it's time for decision, decision, decision!

Did I mention about my studies? no? - Got my results and ALHAMDULILLAH!!finally it's over! god, I am so thankful to you. rasa mcm nak mati je final sem tu tau ... rasanya kalau nak buat masters program in the future, me dah list down a few no-no requirements ... paling penting tu yang part thesis tu lah ... I am all in if it's done individually.

Got a new boss at work. no comment. (jawapan macam artis-artis pulak kan).

and lastly .... my Monty is warded :( :( hope he gets well quickly ... ameen~


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