Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Terrific Terengganu - Part 1

Hooray! I can at last upload my hols pictures!

Day 1 : 13 September 2011

We drove to KT on the 13th September 2011 and on the way, we stopped by at Temerloh to get a dose of to-die-for Pak Usop's Ikan Patin as posted here in 2010 but when we got there around 12.30pm, we were informed that the first batch of lauk ikan patin just finished and they were cooking the second batch and needed probably another half an hour ... so we decided to try out the restaurant next to Pak Usop. From my earlier readings, this restaurant gets a few good reviews as well. tapi beb, tak sedap lah kedai ni. harga ikan lagi mahal dari Pak Usop, we can't choose our fav parts, and the taste is kurang kaw.

Moving on, kitaorang singgah Mesra Mall, saja round-round. Do you know that ppl from as far as KT would drive to Mesra Mall just to go to cinemas? The journey is somewhat 2.5 hours!

And bila dah masuk area between Kerteh and Kuala Terengganu, along the way tu we can see lots of sellers selling jagung madu .... tepi jalan kiri dan kanan. Then drive a bit more you can see Roti Paung Panas stalls pulak ... then Keropok Lekor stalls.

And finally, we arrived at our destination ... Riyaz Heritage Resorts and Spa would be our accommodation for the next few days. It's situated di Pulau Duyung Besar. Hotel ni kan .... cantik sangat sangat! 5 stars ... chalet style. tapi dari one's chalet kalau nak menapak ke dining hall ... berpeluh gak lah ... pasal jauh. Registration was a breeze but the place did seem a bit isolated ... sunyi sepi ... tapi kata receptionist tu, Riyaz ni memanjang je penuh kalau musim cuti sekolah ... i think that might be true, nak-nak lagi, bile dah ada annual event Monsoon Cup tu kan ...

our room
jamban - best tau, dia ade another section yang ade power shower tu jugak, tak snap gambaqtempat layan perasaan
dining place - dapat free breakfast for two
cun seh ...

Then malam tu kitaorang saja drive g Teluk Ketapang ... kat tepi pantai tu ade a few tempat makan ... pasal tak sempat nak google mana tempat sedap kan, kitaorang pun gamble je la makan kat kedai makan next to Kedai ICT Haji Pok Long. We ordered sup sayur, pari celup tepung and sotong celup tepung. pari dia comel je ... untuk 1 portion. anak pari ke apa. tapi nak habaq, kedai ni sedap and murah masakan dia ... i guess tempat2 makan lain semuanya murah kecuali kat KL je lah. betui tak?


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