Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Arrowhead Chips/Fried Ngaku

Suddenly I feel the urge to make arrowhead chips/fried ngaku.

*pic credit to wendyinkk

My mom bought a few early this year and left them to me to settle (i.e. cook/whatever/etc). I totally have no idea what to do with these ... after much googling, I decided to make arrowhead chips. I totally hate the grating/slicing process, and I cut myself during it but other than that, the chip making process was a good learning experience for me. Honestly, I have never seen anyone making chips at home and in fact, my household never make our own chips ... ever ... so when I finally produced arrowhead chips in my own kitchen, with these 2 hands, boy oh boy, you can't tell how proud I was ... hehe! And the best part is, the chips are to die for!!!! I was actually slapping my niece's fingers from snatching the freshly fried chips everytime I scoop out the chips from the big hot wok. She could not stop munching the tasty chips, really, I tell you...

*pic credit to wendyinkk

Now, now, cepatlahhhh datang Chinese New Year!! Because you can only get these darlings during that time of the year!


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