Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Day I Become A Mom

It's so surreal .... I can't believe that I am now a mama ...

My EDD was 31 May 2012 and we had our last routine checkup with my lovely gynae on 30 May. She checked me and everything was fine; so why was the baby not showing signs of coming out? I was 40 weeks on that day. My gynae recommended induction and let me choose the date to start the procedure. She also gave us tips on how to induce labour naturally (this part was so funny ... ducks will be my favourite animal after this ;-p)

We went shopping after that and had a feast at Delicious (my final eat-what-your-heart-desire meal before the dreadful confinement period). Cut our hair at Subang Jaya, bought some ingredients for that night's family gathering and later at home, concocted a big bowl of iced lemon with longan drink ... and celebrated Mama's birthday :)

I started to feel the pain just before midnight but it was still tolerable. Is this contraction? Not sure. But Encik Mon recorded the intervals anyway. But since we had a long day -  Encik Mon dozed off halfway through the recording. So I had to record it myself. Close to 3.00 am, the pain was intense and I woke Mon up, saying that the pain was getting unbearable. Encik Mon terus melompat, and said, "eh jom kita g pcmc, saya rasa awak dah nak bersalin ni." Mama came to the car, kissed my forehead and gave words of encouragement to me (sentimental gak time nih pasal kasih ibu kan, but too painful untuk rasa sebak at that time) and off we went.

I was admitted around 3.35am and bestnye tdo atas katil after that when at 8.30am, my gynae came to see me and thought it was just a false alarm (terngiang-ngiang Dr cakap,"betul ke awak sakit ni Diana .... iyer ke contraction ni ....") but when she measured the dilation, it was already 3cm and she suddenly became serious. "OK Diana, you are now in labour." 


Since I have already informed my gynae and the nurses earlier that I wanted to be on epidural, so at 10.30am, the anaesthetist came and employed the painkiller on me.ohhhh sangat lega lepas itu ~

At 12.00pm, I was dilated 8cm.

At 1.30pm, I was fully dilated (10 cm). Gynae came, smiling and joking as always .... sekali bile dia check.... ayat dia :"hah?!! Diana!!! you are fully dilated!!! cepatnyaa...!!!" Off she went to prepare herself untuk menyambut. Oh, she had this pink apron on and black phua chu kang boots .... very cute indeed.

Exactly 2.34pm - my firstborn came into the world!!

I just can't believe that after months having the baby in my womb, now he is on my chest for real ... 

Our baby chose to come out on the EDD itself without any induction or stimulation. Syukur Alhamdulillah, I can't thank Allah enough for His countless blessing and making my journey smooth :)


Hafiz said...

Welcome to the world to our dear Irfan Naufal. Ayah dan mama InsyaAllah berikan yang terbaik untuk Irfan Naufal.

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