Monday, November 12, 2012

Family Day 10.11.12 - Unleash the toon in you!


nice date, ain't it?

that is the date for our division's family day this year. initially i was indifferent towards family day ... ado ko nan hado ko ... samo jo yo ... hihi. but it was Encik Mon that got so excited and it was contagious ... and eventually i was counting days to family day.terlebih sudaaa. but, thank you Mon, for showing support in whatever way you can, love you for that :) Anyhow, the pink panther committee kept on sending information through emails ... so that too, had some impact and i was not indifferent anymore. the power of presence.

we had family day at sunway lagoon and the ticket is for all parks. sudah berubah ye ... several years back, cuma ade 2-3 parks, but now sudah 5 parks. i was in the angry birds team, thus explained the red colour. 
mama kangaroo for the day, ayah the OP for our family :)

when we arrived, the senamrobik sudah halfway started and my stomach was growling with hunger ... we chose nasi lemak for our breakfast and KFC set for lunch. after we found a good spot, makan-makan, make ourselves comfortable, then we went to watch performance by the departments under AG Zila's div.  

Then it was time for telematch and Encik Mon was a good sport and wanted to be in the water tug of war game. the team won second place ... yeay!

teh tarik race .. which i almost join tih tih tihhhh

official mascot made an appearance

can u spot my hero?

 Lucky draw time .... guess who gets the most sought after prize???? Treng teng teng ....

it's pink karerrrr!!!

 Last but not least .... it's time to hit the water!!!

ready in his swimming diaper

okay, this is the funniest part. i was snapping away Encik Mon & little button's picture when these 2 arabians from elsewhere rushed in and cuit cuit our baby and asked me to snap their picture and keep on saying cute baby, cute baby. they looked really pleased and excited with little button

all in all, this year's family day was definitely a memorable one .... because it's the first time we went as a family .... together with little button ... (sejak kahwin, takde tau family day, only god knows why lah kannn ... anyway it was a good timinglahh since now we have our little button) .... and also, i won Ipod Touch for lucky draw! Alhamdulillah .... syukur syukur~ ~


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