Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Encik Mon's 2013 Birthday Celebration

Mon, a thousand apologies ... I had drafted earlier .... but simply could not find time to post the entry ....

Last Sunday, 17th March,  marked Encik Mon's birthday celebration. I wanted to celebrated earlier but there were so many things happened that we simply could not find time for it ... sorry Mon! Encik Mon requested for a Japanese spread .... so apa lagi .... Fu-Rin lah the answer !!!

Birthday boy with Mr.Junior

Some of the sushi spread

Our first take of sushi ... hehehe
Fresh seafood/chicken/beef

Mushrooms/bean sprouts/green veges for teppanyaki

Mr Junior's first teppanyaki

Choice of noodles - Left:Udon Right:Soba

I love you yesterday, today, tomorrow and days to come~

Ada 5 ketui, me makan 3 pastu sekali orang Fu-Rin tak replenish2 pun pastuh!
Fu-rin Japanese dinner buffet is on Saturday, and lunch buffet on every Sunday. Price rasanya dah turun harga, dalam RM60++ ande the 
Buah hati!!

Happy birthday Mon!


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