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DIY Woody Toy Story Costume for Year End Class Party

I've been meaning to blog about this but never quite found the time to do it properly ... so, here goes :

Dec 26, 2013

Lil button's year end class party

As the previous year, the class teachers gave us an invitation card for I1 year end class party, complete with the theme and activities planned for that day. The theme was 'Wild wild west'.

Oh wow.

We were excited. I mean, I am excited ... but I thought Encik Mon biasa-biasa aje. I started to imagine clothes that lil button own at home and whether any of those can fit into the theme. Encik Mon cakap, "wah ... lil button nak jadi woody toy story laaahhh..." . I started to google woody toy story costume and found quite a lot of reference in personal blogs and youtube tutorials. I am totally ecstatic!

We refer most of the Woody Costume tutorial from here and the cowhide vest from here .

First, we took a look at what we already owned that we could use. Lil button already got a pair of jeans, so checklist, tick!

Next, it was a coincidence when we were window shopping at FOS and stumbled upon a yellow shirt. We bought it straightaway although Woody wears a long sleeve yellow shirt.

It was also a good time to drop by at textile shops ie JAKEL because of the sale season since it was school holiday and end of year. I wanted to buy Felt but the sales people in JAKEL did not understand what Felt is. Our mistake as well ... we often hear malaysians say Kain Felt, so naturally, we will go to kedai kain to get kain. Later, we found that kain felt is available at kedai menjahit. hihi. So anyway, back to JAKEL, since they do not have felt, I asked for any type of material that has a cowhide print. Muka tersenget-senget ... pastu macam paham dan kata, ada!ada! Lega sket hati ni kan ... so I added, even better if you have it in velvet. velvet? Baldu lah .. oo baldu.... ada!ada!

We followed the salesperson excitedly ... susup sasap ... and then...tadaaa ...... he showed us leopard prints material. adui. kita kata nak corak lembu. ditunjuknya kita corak rimau. aummmmm

kensel plan. kita beli corduroy in the end. with black jersey material and red coloured cotton. bersemangat ni nak menjahit costume woody.

Then, we went to Bunga Reben. This shop has most of the things under one roof. I discovered that Felt is sold here. must make that a mental note. tehehehe. We bought yellow and tan coloured felt material, oversized buttons, UHU, special thread for thick materials and these cost Encik Mon a few puluh ringgit. uhuh .... the vest better be nice ... otherwise I would feel guilty towards Encik Mon ....hoho

By now, I think we have almost everything to execute the d-i-y Woody Toy Story Costume except that we lack of the accessories that would totally complete the look. The cowboy hat, buckle and set of pistol and holster. ahhh.......

The buckle can be diy. pistol and holster, not a problem. the big problem is the cowboy hat. We have scoured in and out of shops but couldnt find a toddler's sized cowboy hat until one day, after paying our groceries at Tesco Mutiara Damansara, we saw Peekaboo's children performing dance at the void area ... all clad in cowboy attires. perfect! we asked one parent where he bought they cowboy hat, and he answered, diy shop upstairs. betul ke ni.....topi koboi kat mr diy? kita checkout je lah ... sekali betul you ... ada!! and it was RM6.90! Berbaloi-baloi ... !! The pistol and holster set was bought at a shop in Kg Melayu Subang for RM5.90.

So one sunday, kita pun sinsing lengan baju dan start projek diy Woody costume ni.

We also prepared some goodies for the teachers and his classmates ...

On the party day .... 


He won the best dressed boy :)


Hafiz said...

Cute and brave little cowboy. Yeahaa!!

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