Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Natural ingredients to replace chemical cleaners

I was watching tv aimlessly one day when i accidentally watched this segment in star king series. This lady who has been a homemaker for 17 years shared a few tips to clean your kitchen using natural ingredients.

1. Water used for blanching spinach

The water that is usually thrown away after blanching the spinach turned out to be useful,it seems. It can be used to clean the grime and oil at the stove. Just dip a cloth or cleaning towel in the water and wipe clean the stove. She said spinach is a natural detergent. She even demonstrated it in the show..,the stove was very very dirty in the beginning oh boy, but she cleaned it with the towel dipped in the spinach water effortlessly and the stove was shining and sparkling after that!

2. Apple peels

Sometimes you cook and accidentally burnt your pot so you end up with a black (burnt) pot and no matter how long you soak the pot in the water or scrub it,the soot is there. So the easy way to remove the soot is to boil water in the burnt pot and throw in some apple peels into it. Once the water is boiled,discard everything and wash the pot as you normally do. The peels contain citric acid so they help in removing the soot. 

3. Potato peels

Don't throw away your potato peels after this! They can be used to scrub the dirt and grime in your sink....your sink will also have some sparkle if scrubbed using the potato peels. But i guess you would need big chunk of potato peels to use for scrubs. 

4. Eggshell and water

Usually there will be some dirt stuck at your blender near the blades (she demonstrated using a hand blender) and the dirt is difficult to wash even using toothbrush. So just pour in some water and throw in eggshell,and blend them as if you are making an eggshell juice....and voila!the dirt is all gone!eggshell also can be used instead of salt to wash your children's water bottle...pour water and eggshell into the bottle,give it a good shake and there you have it...a clean bottle for your little one. The eggshell also can be an amazing fertilizer!wow so many uses!

5. Soju

Well,i can't use this at home but should it be useful for any of my blog readers out there, why not....just use soju to clean your cooker hoods and they will become shiny as brand new!

This lady also shared her diy germicide but i missed this part...partly because i don't actually plan to make this at home. One of the audience brought along a device to read germ level and put it on the chopping board. Germ level was 1076....and after washing the board with her formulation,after an hour,the germ lecel has reduced and it was 84....her germicide formulation can also be used as dishwashing liquid...just add some flour and it's ready to be used!she showed her hands and said she never used glove to wash the dishes yet her hand is smooth...the last time she used a chemical to clean her kitchen was 13 years ago!

*all images from google*


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