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Roadtrip 2015 : Brunei - Kota Kinabalu (Part 1)

14 Oct 2015

Our second roadtrip for the year .... this time from Brunei to Kota Kinabalu (KK) with a pre-schooler and a baby. This was kinda of a last minute trip, since 14 Oct was a public holiday (Awal Muharam) and Encik Mon thought we would be bored with nothing to do/where to go so ... the rest is history.

We started our journey at 9.00am and drove to Kuala Lurah. After 1.5 hours of driving, we reached the 1st immigration (Immigration Control Post Kuala Lurah, Brunei) and got our 1st passport stamp and entered Limbang, Sarawak (Pos Kawalan Imigresen Pandaruan Limbang, Sarawak). Actually, 2 stamps to be precise. 1 stamp exit from Kuala Lurah and 1 stamp to enter Limbang.

Colourful hotel - made a mental note this could be a potential place to stay if in Limbang

Limbang town
Tamu Limbang
Exiting from Limbang
Then we entered the other part of Brunei - Temburong ....


It was almost deserted, not sure whether it was always like this or because of public holiday

Tamu Muhibbah Temburong

And then exit from Temburong through Labu temporary control post

picture taken during our journey back as forgotten to snap before

.....  and enter into Lawas, Malaysia through Pos Imigresen Malaysia Mengkalap Lawas  

.... and the journey continues...

Immigration to enter into Malaysia - Lawas


Then ... arrived at the final immigration stop ... Pos Kawalan Imigresen Sindumin, Sabah

Perasan tak ... walaupun sama satu negara Malaysia, tapi kena cop keluar dari Sarawak dan cop masuk ke Sabah ... sweet ~

And YES! We are now finally on Sabah Land! About 4 hours' journey with 1 stop to change diapers

at the first roundabout after the immigration

about 20 minutes later, we reached Sipitang. We were told that Sipitang is known for its Sayap panggang and satay .... so we stopped and had lunch at the Esplanade.

Satay and chix wings were not bad :)

Next to the esplanade is a Mosque
We continued on with our journey .... the road to KK is actually not bad if compare to the road Miri-Bintulu. There were more things to see/developed areas along the way whereas the other road was more of tanah gersang with nothing to see. 50 minutes later, we reached Beaufort and another half an hour later, we reached Papar. There were many stalls selling dried anchovies and shrimps by the roadside. We did not anticipate this so we stopped at one stall and bought a bit of dried anchovies. The big sized anchovies were sold at RM17/kg and smaller sized anchovies RM18/kg. Very cheap, I would say. 

Gerai ikan bilis di Papar

After Papar, we made a pit stop at Putatan to refresh ourselves and continued on with our journey. Finally we reached Sky Hotel, Kota Kinabalu around 5pm ..... hmmm anyone can do the calculation the total hours of driving? :)

By the way, the room costs us RM770 for 4 days and 3 nights and free vegetarian breakfast.

The TV area
We took Superior room which comes with 2 rooms - this is the master bedroom
That night we went out for dinner despite the rain falling. We went to Salut, we already memorized the route to that restaurant although we last went there back in 2011.... but upon reaching there, we saw the Gayang signboard. *scratch head*

Some of the dish we ordered that night.

Kam Heong shellfish

Sotong celup tepung
We requested Sabah vege, having fond memories of the specific vege but got this dish ... definitely did not taste like Sabah vege, more like Cangkuk Manis grown on Sabah soil hence they call it Sabah vege, I supposed.
There were a few more pictures, but I am getting really annoyed with this ..... frankly, this one post has taken me more than a week to finish it not because of my problem, but because of the difficulty to upload pictures and alignment, also because of google chrome arghhhhhh ........ really thought of stop blogging

Anyway, the food at Gayang were tasty but burnt a hole in Encik Mon's pocket. We decided that we didn't go to Gayang back in 2011. More likely it was Salut restaurant. So we resolute to have a go at Salut the next day. That's it for Day 1, back to the hotel and slept like a baby. zzzzZZZZZ~

There are 3 parts of this Roadtrip : Brunei - KK, here are the links to other 2:


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