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Roadtrip 2015 : Brunei - Kota Kinabalu (Part 2)

15 Oct 2015

We had breakfast at the hotel, we could eat anything and everything because they only served vegetarian food. Our boy enjoyed himself as he got chocolate cupcake with icing for breakfast for the first time. Seriously, cupcake for breakfast? *facepalm*

Now that our tummies are full, we are happy to start off our day ;)

Our first stop was the Rumah Terbalik and 3D Wonders Museum. These were not opened in our last visit to Sabah in 2011 so this is the must-go place in our itinerary.

The entrance fees

GST included ;p

We went to 3D Museum first as the parks's staff just let the previous batch entered 'The Upside Down House of Borneo' and we would need to queue. We arrived there around 11.00am and there were not many visitors.

- 3D Museum

Some of my favourite shots :

- The Upside Down House

There was a staff who guided visitors into the house. Apparently, there are a few upside down houses constructed around the world, complete with inverted furnishings and decorations and this is one of them. By the way, visitors are not allowed to take pictures in the upside down house.

- Tamparuli Suspension Bridge

After that, we continued our journey to Kundasang. It was very cloudy, almost drizzling. We stopped a bit for snapping pictures at the Tamparuli Suspension Bridge, following our route back in KK Trip in 2011 *read here*.

- Kundasang : Desa Dairy Farm

We continued on with our journey to Kundasang, had lunch at KFC in Kundasang town and went to Desa Dairy Farm. The place has changed a bit, more systematic and they opened a souvenir shop as well as kiosks that sell gelato, yoghurt and other desserts made from dairy goods by that farm.

Entrance fee. Sekarang nak buat pre-wedding photoshoot kat sini pun dah boleh haa

Gelap sangat kan.....masa ni pukul 4 petang

Harga boleh tahan mahal gak sebenarnya ... tapi pikir balik, apa yang tak mahal zaman pak jibby nih

Dah lain sikit tempat perah susu dan lagi ramai boleh tengok proses tu tanpa bersesak-sesak mcm dulu

Baby tido tak dapat nak bergambar dgn moo moo
It was drizzling, so windy and dark clouds were everywhere. We were not able to snap more pictures as we planned to and quickly got into the car as we were afraid the kids would catch cold. Furthermore, our girl was wearing onesie as we did not fathom it would be that cold and raining all day long. But we still make a dash stop at the Kinabalu Pine Resort before heading back.

 - Kundasang : Kinabalu Pine Resort

- Salut Seafood Restaurant

On our way back to KK, it was raining heavily and very dark .... alhamdulillah nothing happened and we got back safely. We reached KK around 6.00 pm and were very hungry. We decided to have dinner straightaway so that we can rest once we reached the hotel. This time, we resolved for Salut as we still thought we had the best seafood dinner in KK 2011 trip at Salut. 

Once we reached the place, it was very different from the image we had in our minds ... it was opened, but deserted and not many choices of seafood. It was quite pricey too. Still, we ordered ... but the food served was not to our satisfaction. Even the cashier charged us different price from what we agreed when we chose the seafood by the aquarium. I looked back at my KK trip in 2011 blog entry to find out where we had the seafood dinner and it turned out to be Gayang, not Salut. Am not going back here :(

That's it for Day 2 in KK-Kundasang ... come follow our Day 3 ramblings!


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