Tuesday, August 11, 2009

quarantined in the office

it rained this morning. not cats and dogs, but it rained.

and of course, everywhere got congested whenever it rains.

and there was an accident in front of wisma tani. thus, i was late to the office. but only for a mere 5 minutes.

masuk je opis, nampak ramai sangat orang ber-mask. then a colleague said something like, lets order 3 big macs, large coke and fries for lunch. i was like, what the - ?

rupe2nye ... about 3 colleagues within the same level as mine are suspected with H1N1 ... and we are confined within the floor until further announcement. Lunch will be arranged for us.

hmm ...

pwincess dee is bad. bcoz i am actually happy to hear this. hehe ... no work and probably we get unrecorded leave ... ? hehe.... but i do hope those suspected with the virus is healthy, from the bottom of my heart.


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