Monday, August 31, 2009

Twilight Saga

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currently pwincess dee is reading the twilight saga and just finished the first one. i think this year i've made some improvements in the sense that the number of books that i have read has melebihi the target. i luv reading ... tapi ever since started working, memang sket sangat ler masa dapat baca buku. So that is the reason i need to set a target of number of books to read per year.

so, back to twilight ... i don't mind lah kalau2 ade orang nak kata it's just a stupid adolescence love story or whatever (not that ada orang penah cakap kat pwincess pun ;p) .. but hey, the book is INTERESTING. seriously speaking. it has elements of suspense and romance ... tibe2 aje teringat prince H usha2 pwincess dulu .. hik2x ... gatal! akekeke ... nway, buku ini sangat best, sangat tak buleh nak diletakkan once started reading, dahla at the same time kena bace buku marketing and organizational behaviour ... ada exam and assignment ....oh no ... betapa bezanye genre 2 buku itu dgn buku twilight ini ... hahaha .... so the story is mainly about a human being who is in love with he-who-cannot-be-loved a.k.a. encik vampire. macam kesian sangat pada this couple ... menahan aje rasa bile nak ber-affectionate sesama sendiri ... kui kui kui ... cinta terlarang gituk ...adehhh

so the book has a slight difference with the movie .... but, of course it's understandable ... takkan nak buat sebijik sejibon .. and now, pwincess has moved on from twilight, to the second series, the new moon ~


Shue said...

Hello Pwincessdee..
Twilight saga is awesome! am loving it too. by the time you finish Esclipse, you'll be dying to read Breaking Dawn..but it worth your time.
Happy Reading!

princess D said...

Hi Shue!

Thanks for dropping by and yes, glad that we share a common interest .... the twilight saga! had just finished new moon and can't wait to read the next one ... i really hope it's happy ending

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