Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Remember me? by Sophie Kinsella

i finally finished reading the book last week sedangkan dah bertahun lamanya beli buku tu ... kekeke ... dulu dah start baca sket then ni nak sambung balik, dah tak ingat dah ape cite...kena start dari mula balik.

Well ... this book is a classic case of 'All That Glitters Is Not Gold', the protagonist is Lexi, that had woken up to the dream life, but is she happy? She suffered from amnesia after a car accident and her memory for the last 3 years up to the accident was lost. She found it hard to adjust herself to the loft style living, carb-free diet, wearing designer clothes and accessories and also .... her husband! Her husband was helpful but a bit of controlling, though, and he made her a marriage manual with their entire life listed (including foreplay details!) and said things like her arm should be higher around his waist when they kissed, just like it used to be before her accident. adoi, ader ke orang macam ni betul-betul wujud?

i think the book was well written by Sophie Kinsella, though the ending was too abrupt. The storyline dah cukup bagus .... but in the end, that was it. yep, that was it! i do not know if Lexi will ever gains back her memory ... and whether Deller Carpets finally realized they made a mistake by terminating Lexi ... adakah happy ending for Lexi and kekasih gelapnya ... what happens to Amy?


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