Thursday, November 4, 2010

One of the days....

yeah. just one of the days.

i seldom show my anger to people

but once i show, you'll wish i had not in the first place

i wish i could show it at times, especially to these people;

bossy people
bitchy people
people who mooch
people who talk big big BIG
bitches that take advantage of others
people who think they are great, greater than the universe
people who are too frugal that they menyusahkan orang lain
people who think anything, everything that they do is the best and above of the others
people who show off (when in the first place, they have nothing much to show off, pun..)
people that don't believe what i say
people that mengungkit

the list is endless.

i just hope that the world is filled with more well-behaved, sincere, tactful people

so that it will be a happier place to live in

yeah, i know it's a wishful thinking


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