Friday, February 25, 2011

Dried Fruits

Just thought of putting up this picture of dried fruits that MIL gave us from her recent trip to Cameron Highlands. Dried fruits are really one of my favourites but they can get quite pricey at times. Not to mention they can be too sweet as well. The one that MIL gave is convenient and something new to us - it is packaged in a quadrant microwavable container and there are new flavours. There are Strawberry, Capsicum, Bitter gourd and Roselle. I added mango in this container because coincidentally my mom came back from Langkawi and bought us dried mango. Of all these, I would say my #1 favourite would be strawberry, mango and bitter gourd. hehe, bitter gourd, you say? yeah, u heard that right. very very weird. but they do taste good. roselle is good as well but i put as my #2 favourite :)


My mama discovered MMS quite recently. about end of last december, actually. and since then, she has developed a habit of snapping random pictures and MMS them to me. i was happy that at last, she is able to grasp the mms thingy but her newfound habit has turned me a bit annoyed. she keeps on snapping picture there-lah, here-lah, and mms them to me, and she wants me to reply to each and every mms or even sms that she sent.

and oh, that's not all.

she also learned a string of new vocabs as well. now she is using words like sempoi ... cikai .... boring gile etc whenever the situation calls for with me... uh uh :0


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