Monday, February 28, 2011

What we did last Saturday ...

Hubby's birthday fall on last Friday but he was being such an angel, asking me not to do anything for him as I had an exam the next day (Saturday). So after my exam ended, we went off to have lunch at Rakuzen. He thought of having Japanese since we had a very heavy breakfast - nasi kandaq line clear : all the way from Penang, courtesy of my bro :)

setting the mood right ...

the fish looked like it was caught off guard!

chopped tako (octopus) - waiting to be used in sushi or sashimi ...

getting ready with our chopsticks!

lets attack ... !! our appetizer - chuka lidako, california temaki and soft shell crab temaki

close up of chuka lidako (baby octopus) - my all time favourite. looked tantalizing in red

ahh ... our main dish - maru bento

there were sashimi, tempura, unagi kabayaki, sunomono and nimono

as well as an array of sushi the one with fish roe, they popped in the mouth!

ahhh ... selesai sudah!

Then we went shopping for a while .... and then it's time for dessert!

lovely tiny morsels

Then we went to PIL's house for another celebration .... wah wah wah~

Chicken mandy rice at Restoran Taif, KD that I mention in earlier post. BIL & SIL don't eat lamb, so we ordered additional lamb dish for ourselves

The next day, we had another celebration at my parents' as well! mom cooked nasi lemak and brothers brought buttered prawn and big apple donuts and I made this devil's food chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and ganache. I finally use up the valrhona choc that I've been safeguarding all this while for a special occasion ... and it was a special occasion! and yup, yup, u can see the fondant decorations .... that's the main purpose of me splurging at cake connection and fondant experiments that I mention in my marshmallow post :)

the initial alphabets had been eaten up!
nway, ok lah kan for a first-timer, never attended any fondant classes...youuu!

my gift that was bought wayyy back in January

Hope you enjoyed your bday this year, montey!

May Allah bless us always and grant us the best supplication, the best success, the best knowledge, the best deed, the best reward, the best life ... and the best death ...

Ameen ...


Hafiz said...

Amin for the wishes. Thank you for the memorable birthday celeb chom.

Hafiz said...

And also. Thank you very much for the shoes.. lama mengidam. hehe.

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