Sunday, January 9, 2011

Exchanging Birthday Gifts

Birthday just came early for me and encik mon this year!

..........and coincidentally we got each other a pair of shoes !

he bought me a pair of nike women air max + 2010 while i bought him a pair of timberland shoes.

my baby is such a beauty, ain't it?

and on top of that, i got 5 rm10 nike voucher to splurge, yeay!

since the shoes are meant for running and jumping, i thought i need to invest on a good sports bra as well, to get all the support. after all, i have that voucher to redeem. and so i went, window shopping.

my oh my. sports attire can really burn a hole in your pocket. like, really, really, REALLY burn. the sports bra that i had my eyes on, costs almost rm200, so ridiculously expensive for a small piece of clothing?!!

but, anyhow, i guess a little investment now goes a long way (hopefully!). that saying goes for both my air max + 2010 and the sports bra that i'm going to get my hands on soon!


Hafiz said...

Terima kasih byk2 chom. Hope chom suka hadiah tu.

pwincess D said...

mestilah suke sangat!

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