Thursday, January 27, 2011

Are You Talking The Talk or Walking The Walk?

“There are two types of people: those that talk the talk and those that walk the walk. People who walk the walk sometimes talk the talk but most times they don’t talk at all, ’cause they walkin’. Now, people who talk the talk, when it comes time for them to walk the walk, you know what they do? They talk people like me into walkin’ for them. “

-Anthony Anderson as Key in the film Hustle & Flow (2005)

Take a good, hard look at your reflection in the mirror, and ask this question - am I talking the talk or walking the walk in every aspect of my life? If it's not, then maybe it's time for you to change.

I will continue to take my own advice and do the same, because I am in charge of myself and nobody can decide for me.


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