Monday, May 9, 2011

Nuffnang Sucks!

20 days prior to my birthday, nuffnang sent me an email, informing that I've been selected to receive 4 complimentary passes for any movie at TGV cinema outlets nationwide. As the email stated, this is a part of the TGV Birthday Surprise for Nuffnangers and i need to collect the tickets before 6 May 2011.

isn't Nuffnang so sweet?

yeah, i thought so too, initially.

during the 20 days period, i was so tied up with my final year research (yes....i did not celebrate my birthday, tsk tsk) and time did not permit me to drop by at their office to collect the tickets. after my viva on the 4th May, i finally get to go to their office ........ and it was all for nothing! habuk pun tarak okey.

pwincess sangat marah. marah membara okey.

i was informed that all the tickets have been collected by other email recipients that also been sent the same birthday surprise email offer. that person also stated that, "ok, we took note that you came here before the dateline and if we get any tickets from TGV again, we will inform you and ask you to come here and collect it".

what?!!! adehh ... ingat rumah aku dekat ye dgn kl? dah la to go to Jalan Yap Ah Shak, it was so tricky, what more, to find the office in the heritage house ... sangat tricky dan menyusahkan ok. kitaorang pusing area tu 3 kali tau baru jumpa Nuffnang office. and, what is even sweeter, they did not give their phone number!

i was so furious. i said, you should have stated in your email that this is a first come first serve basis. she answered, "oh no no, this is not like that. this is the first time we experience this kind of thing."

well, as an organizer, you should :

firstly, GET the tickets from TGV.
secondly, you need to COUNT the tickets.
thirdly, after you get the number of tickets to giveaway, then only you SELECT the lucky recipients and EMAIL to them. barulah tally dan everybody is happy.

c'mon la. that is the ABCs, kalau tak, better cakap it's first come first serve basis. takdela menyusahkan orang yang tidak bersalah, drive la ke kl sana .... minyak mahal tau .... dgn cari parking lagi, dgn kena endure prangai reckless kl-lites drivers. menganiaya tau tak, huhu.


yuliang said...

You have the rights to complain. anyway nuffnang always call me up last minutes and ask me to do this and that !!!my schedule is quite tied.

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