Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gubahan Hantaran + Kek Hantaran

These hantarans were made by my close fren, Lyana. Aren't they sparkly and gorgeous? Macam menangkap perhatian sungguh. Bling!Bling! gitu.

And that cake is made by yours truly. It is a homemade moist steamed fruit cake, weighed around 1++kg, made with sincere love and steamed approximately 4 hours.

The picture was captured using a phone camera, you bet that the picture didn't do justice to the real thing.

Well. If any of you kind readers would like to know more of my friend's gubahan hantaran service or order my baking goods for any occasion, do leave a comment! No worries.....comments in the blog are checked daily, tho' blog entry seems scarce at times. he he!


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