Sunday, February 19, 2012

of checkups, antenatal class & hydrotherapy ...


I am now 25 weeks pregnant going on 26 weeks, insya Allah.

Last week we went for our routine checkup at PCMC ... and prior to that, met Dr Delaila as well ... alhamdulillah. so far, so good. Both doctors informed that our lil one is healthy ... an average sized baby and insya Allah, nothing major to be worried of at the mo. Cuma Dr. Seri advised to minimize obimin consumption since it's known to be the culprit for weight gain among pregnant mommies. (*mode risau psl makin berat*)

baby tgh tdo pulak .. mase scan dgn Dr. Delaila, baby sedap je garuk kepala, kelaka tgk

We also signed up for Parentcraft class, which is due on 14th April 2012 (no class conducted in March) ... Dr Seri said elok pegi kelas ni 6 months and above, otherwise boleh lupe pulak kalau pegi awal-awal sangat. So insya Allah, time tu maybe dalam 7.5 months ... hopefully it would be the best time for us...

Did I mention that I'll be attending a hydrotherapy session in March? Oh yes. lets cross our fingers that I'll be able to attend that one. It's part of my physioteraphy session with PCMC. Other than heat therapy, massage and stretching, I was told that hydrotherapy is effective during pregnancy to ease aching back and feet, ease the labour pain and delivery, etc. Asyik nak attend hydrotherapy dari aritu tapi apakan daya, i am working full time dan kampeni itu bukan haku yang punya. oh. sedih. So, am soooo excited to attend this session, and semalam dah siap shopping new swimming suit untuk muatkan baby bump ni lagik. Swimming suit lama macam dah jadi sexy lah pulok kalau degil nak pakai jugak.

the one that i bought yesterday


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