Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Embarking on a new journey - - Cloth Diapering!


When my little button mencecah umur 11 bulan ...  dengan tidak semena-mena, kitaorang telah terjebak dengan modern cloth diaper! asalnya.....nenek little button actually gave him 1 CD when he was a newborn ... tapi mase tu mmg kitaorang terima dan terus simpan dalam almari. rasa mcm tak tercapai akal nak pakai lampin-lampin time tuh .... dahla masa pun semakin kurang dgn adanye si kecik .... nak tambah pulak dgn penggunaan CD kan .... quite a while after that, my mom gave another one CD ... katanye, tanak ke cuba .... cubalah dulu..... so one day tu, encik Mon baru je salin pampers si button .... sekali .... pooplosion pulak .... bisinglah Mon ni. then, I suggested, nak tak cuba cloth diaper ? siap kitaorang bukak youtube nak tgk cara nak guna cloth diaper ni ... hehe ... and they say, the rest is history.

to be honest, i am actually loving every moment of cloth diapering my baby. i love to gawk at websites selling cloth diaper. i love to read reviews of other mommies on cloth diapering. currently, we only do it on part time basis -- night diapering during weekday and all the time during weekends or public holidays. our CD stash is small, since it has only been 2.5 weeks from the starting of our CD journey. so it makes sense that my hands are itching to click 'proceed to checkout' at online cloth diaper websites to add on to the stash ... tehehehe. by the way, am still learning all the lingo and what nots on CD. mind you, they have a whole lot of jargons when speaking of CD-ing ...!

just after they came in the mail
someone is sporting his lime cloth diaper...


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