Thursday, June 13, 2013

I see Red

well .... i see red.

the last time i saw Ms. Red was on 24 August 2011. perasaan? bercampur-baur. I was hoping to reach that 2 year anniversary without Ms. Red but ... it came early. A few days prior to seeing Ms Red, I was not feeling well. fever, severe tonsilitis, migraine and a string of other ailments. I had an instinct that Ms Red would probably think it was time to pay me a visit ... and told my doctor about it as I felt a sharp pain at the left side of my abdomen. She gasped when she learned that Ms Red has not showed up since giving birth although I think there's nothing surprise about it since I breastfeed my baby exclusively and each nursing session is less than 3-4 hours apart.

since she had showed up ... i'll be expecting to see her on regular basis after this. sedih bcoz i miss the reciting verses from Al-Quran when I express my breastmilk for little button or masa nak tidurkan dia ... kena be mindful to baca dalam hati je lah.


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