Thursday, March 6, 2014

Of Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Song Fish Dealer and Salmon Porridge

Salam Jumaat ... semoga hari kita dipenuhi dengan barakah-Nya :)

Arini nak blog about ikan :)

Kat sini, boleh dikatakan ikan yang paling common dan mudah dijumpai di supermarkets is 'batang fish' dan toman fish. chinese pomfret, red snapper,salmon dan seangkatan dengannya bukan takde, tapi kena pegi retail stores yang jual ikan-ikan tersebut. ikan kembung, selar kadang-kadang je ada....or perhaps mmg ada banyak cuma timing kita berbeza, who knows ?

So ... I was googling, batang fish ni apa, encik Mon pernah belikan dan rasa macam ikan aya but I found out later that batang fish is actually spanish mackerel, or ikan tenggiri whereby, some people even call ikan tenggiri as tenggiri batang; hence the fish is called'batang' . Following my research, I later came across 'Song Fish dealer' facebook page of which I found myself giggling over with encik Mon ... they even have roadshows and currently on 'moving out' sale !

On the same note,a few days earlier,we watched a documentary called,"Jiro dreams of sushi". Apart from the admirable storyline,we were taken away by Jiro and his seafood dealers who were very knowledgable in their own niche. 

So this Song Fish Dealer reminds me to one of Jiro's fish dealers....We decided to check it out ... oh boy, the fish shop ada bermacam-macam jenis seafood and quite cheap!rambang mata ok ...

We bought a few packets of salmon cuts,shrimps, baby octopus, threadfin and golden pomfret. Too bad they prohibit photography in the shop.

I was excited to make salmon recipes for my little button ... so the next day, I referred to the fish porridge recipe by wendyinkk but did a slight adjustment that suits us as below:

For porridge:
2 Tbs rice (I used calrose rice)
16 Tbs water (didn't have measuring cup or weighing machine at that time)
1 stalk of spring onion; separated into white and green parts, finely sliced

Cook rice on stove with the white parts until all the rice absorbs the water and become porridge.

For fish:
A small portion of salmon or any kind of kid-friendly fish
A bit of crushed garlic
A dash of ground pepper
1/4 tsp sesame oil

Mix garlic and sesame oil with the salmon and steam for 10 minutes. Once cooked, leave it to cool and flake it with fingers. Watch out for any bones.

To serve:
Scoop the porridge into the bowl, garnish it with the green parts of spring onion and flaked salmon.


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