Monday, July 3, 2017

Brunei Sungkai 2017 : Pho Hoa Restaurant

Though it is already 9 Syawal, hope it's not too late to put in this entry on sungkai that we had at Pho Hoa Restaurant last Ramadhan. Actually we had just discovered this vietnamese cuisine restaurant. Before this, everytime we crave for pho noodle, we would head to Times Square, there's this stall in the food court that serves vietnamese food (pho noodle). To be honest, the noodle there is just so-so and the rest of the food are either finished already or they are not selling anymore. Based on our google search, that's the only place in Brunei that sells pho noodle ... so, not much choice for us, then.

This restaurant is located in Kg Kiulap and the Ramadhan buffet is $15.90 for adult and $9.90 for child. They change their menu daily which is kind of great, takde lah orang naik muak kan. We expected a full reataurant that night, but turned out to be just 2 groups were dining in including us.

main course

dessert and beverage station
From our observation, the menu spread is divided into 3 sections; the main course, vietnamese food and the dessert/beverage. The main course are steamed rice, fried noodle, soya sauce chicken, vietnamese grilled fish (but looked and tasted nothing different from the usual grilled fish), pakchoy mushroom, sambal squids, steamed prawns and pumpkin soup. The vietnamese spread consists of Beef/Chicken Pho, fresh and fried spring rolls while the dessert/beverage consists of salad, fruits and coffee/bandung.
vietnamese fresh spring roll

fried vietnamese spring roll

Beef pho noodle. Sangat sedap!

I really love its Beef Pho that I only eat that, that night! It is free flow, but really, how many bowls can you gulp down after fasting the whole day ? The fresh and fried vietnamese spring rolls are also yummy, my kids ate those non stop, haha!! However, the main course was just so-so.

Would come again insya Allah for Beef Pho and spring rolls selagi kedai tidak ditutup hehe!


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