Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Brunei Sungkai 2017 : Kimchi Brunei - All You Can Eat Buffet

25 Ramadhan 1438
20 June 2017

Nak dekat akhir Ramadhan barulah nak put write up on Brunei Sungkai ye ... hahaha ... takpa, better late than never!

 On the first day of Ramadhan this year which fall on Saturday, selepas berhempas pulas menyiapkan birthday bash for my boy at his kindy dan jugak siapkan order kuih, we decided to reward ourselves with iftar at somewhere nice ... somewhere we have not tried the food yet. Drum rolls ---- we decided to go to Kimchi Brunei Restaurant at Regent Square, Kiulap!

For starters, we were served yummy Korean side dishes such as Kimchi, fried anchovies, marinated bean sprouts and spinach. The rest of the 'all you can eat' menu must be ordered from their waiter'waitresses.

all you can eat menu

For the BBQ selection, we ordered everything from the menu - Lamb Bulgogi, Beef Bulgogi, Beef Teriyaki, Slice Beef Short Ribs, Chicken Teriyaki, Spicy Teriyaki and Sesame Ginger Chicken. They also have seafood assortment such as scallop, mussel, prawn and squid.  Luckily we ordered everything the first time because they all came in just 1 plate and quite a long time to reach our table. Dah tu nak tunggu daging masak pulak kan .... barbecue lah katakan ... memang mengajar kami erti SABAR. Mula-mula tu lagilah ... api grill tu waiter bukak yang paling slow .... tunggu punye tunggu ... dah kenapa daging ni taking a long time to cook ...sekali check ... padanlah ... mcm ni habis terawih pun tak habis-habis makan lagi.

Someone is enjoying eating his grilled beef wrapped in lettuce leave

Anyway, their Seafood pancake, gimbap and seaweed soup adalah tasty. For dessert antara menu yang dioffer ialah Pat BingSu, fruit platter dan Ice Cream. Of course we ordered all and they all come in single serving.

Their Ramadhan Sungkai comes at $28.90 per adult and $14.90 for children below 12 years old.

Alhamdulillah full and happy faces


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