Tuesday, April 28, 2009

boy, am i so excited that the school break is here :D

i have a string of projects in my list .... just waiting to be executed!

some of them are:

1. beading projects - sew beads on new clothes + repair beading work on existing clothes (blame it on low grade thread and beads ... the seller kemain lagi kata they only sell high quality beads..cheh)
2. read novels that i had not had the chance to even read the mukaddimah page :D
3. watch full season of the biggest loser
4. watch slumdog millionaire (yeah i know it was aired last year ...)
5. watch complete series of korean+taiwan drama (oh sgt byk yang terlepas sudaa...)
6. revamp the blog's outlook .... was busy to do it in the first place due to examsss

i think there are many more .. but i'll add-on if these are completed .. hehe


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