Sunday, April 19, 2009

chocolate ice cream waffle

lately the days are simply hot. scorching hot. i took my bath 3 times yesterday and i sweat just after taking my shower. imagine that.

anyway. this reminds me of yesterday's incident. prince H and i were running some errands and while on the road and since it was hot, we decided to have a quickie waffle at the a&w PJ. we were about to place our order at the waffle counter when suddenly mr.cashier said something to another passing by customer who had placed her order earlier.

mr.cashier : mem...mem! sorry mem. we r out of chocolate ice cream.
customer : (without blinking an eye) aha, NO. i only eat chocolate ice cream. i want chocolate ice cream.

at this point of time, i was like, gosh. did i hear it wrong? didnt the mr cashier just said it loud and clear that they do not have choc ice cream anymore?

the customer just continued staring at mr.cashier, still waiting for her chocolate ice cream. whoa. ada jugak orang yang degil kepala batu mcm ni ya? if she really wanted it so badly, pegi la tempat lain yang ade choc ice cream. and poor mr cashier had to re-check with his colleagues on the availability of choc ice cream.

i'm surprised at how these stubborn and rude human beings can still carry on with their lives while menyusahkan other people. and yes, surprisingly, they usually get what they want.

well. i hope i'm not in that kind of breed dulu, kini and selama2nya. he he.

by the way, the sought after a&w waffle was not as yummy as it was before, bak kata pengkritik makanan kita, prince H. he said he prefers my home made waffle :D


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