Wednesday, April 29, 2009

supper at william's

yesterday, we went gallivanting around ou and kelana jaya. i wanted to collect the vip pass for the upcoming xixili's fashion show, going to be held tomorrow's evening. so after we had dinner (w perhaps was in a good mood yesterday, she cooked a decent meal for the whole family while ma pa not around). apparently there was an event held at oval, ou where the ravishing ning performed .... too bad we were on a mission and couldn't hang out to see her performance long enuff. then, prince H's tummy grumbled and he brought me to the infamous william's ... pre-birthday celebration katanye .... hehe so schweet :X

prince H ordered chicken chop

i ordered lasagne chicken + meatballs .. mmph

mango lychee served in jam botols .. hehe

look at those temptations ... hehehe. mango used for the drinks were very fresh ... not too sweet and sgt pekat ... lychee pun sgt lah banyak dia letak. lasagne sgt d-licious .. i thought there were 4 meatballs, but rupenye only 2, the other 2 i supposed adalah vege balls .. maybe spinach yang telah dilumat2kan dan dibola2kan menjadi bobols .. but anyhow sgt sedappp. chicken chop prince H pun not bad ... the texture of mash potato is not very fine but it tasted good ....


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