Sunday, May 3, 2009

blast birthday

.... still adamant on posting this entry altho it's kinda belated .... anyway i had a blast birthday this year. thanks to dearie prince H and my family ... on that note, i always thought that mama sure knew how to plan well, bcoz i was born on the last day on month of april .. so i get to have multiple times of celebration since the day after that is always public holiday (labour day)....hehe.....nway, they say, a year older, a year wiser ... i hope it is for me .. plus, a year slimmer and sexier .. and a year full of prosperity ... hahah

on the day itself, i went working as usual since we had to attend the "accounting for dummies" knowledge sharing and celebrated with prince H after work. i guess the celebration may seemed simple to anyone else, but i truly enjoyed it and felt that it was special. prince H got me a digicam ... a huge pink rose and a witty bday card. hehe ... we ate so much, totally worn out and got so sleepy that we actually stopped by the roadside somewhere along kota damansara and had a quick nap. definitely a birthday to remember....


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