Tuesday, May 26, 2009

crocs lover

my love for crocs has existed wayyy back some time ago ... was it 2008? or 2007? but i keep on procrastinating on the plan to invest on a pair, for no particular reason. well yeah, initially i procrastinated bcoz i thought : "god ... why is it so expensive for a pair of rubber that we put under the sole of our feet....." (though i clearly understand the need to invest on a good pair of shoes/sandals for various reasons).

well to cut the story short, my love for it sudah tak dapat ditahan-tahan lagi .... hehe macam aper plak kan (dont get any weird ideas now, okay). and so, i bought 1 pair ! yabedabeduuuuuu .... ! but alas, it's not for myself, i bought it for mama. mama's bday is coming and i still have no idea on what to give her .... and one day, she mentioned that she simply adore my pair of wedges (courtesy of prince H) and tingg! beli lah crocs ni ... hehe. i have shor
tlisted a few ranges that may suit dear mama namely ; sassari and cyprus. and of these 2 types, i have put my utmost consideration and finally, i decided to buy mama sassari. since both ranges are quite tinggi, (3 inches tall) so i guess cyprus may cause pressure to mama's feet and thus, decided on sassari.

so last saturday, armed with enuff cash in the purse, prince H and i marched into crocs outlet in KD and demanded a size 6 sassari. tapi alamak ... size 6 dah out of stock in almost all crocs outlet in malaysia, plus .... the colour that i wanted pun dah sold out and god knows when it will be restocked. hmm hmmm.
but guess what? i bought mama the latest crocs on the block .... havana. itu pun selling like goreng pisang panas. size 7 is only available in bronze. uh-huh. i wanted navy for mama. hmm apakan daya. beli sajelah. and meanwhile, oh diriku sangat tak tahan nak beli one for myself too! (melly goeslaw's song tak tahan lagi keeps on ringing in my head at this moment). i'm eyeing for cyprus and alice. but since i hate flatties so much, i might buy myself cyprus ... atau....adakah sesiapa yang sudi menghadiahkan diriku cyprus itu...?? :D

Havana in bronze for mama...hope she loves it, if not, anak dia rembat hehehe

my lurve, cyprus in lavender/silver


hafiz said...

InsyaAllah dear, InsyaAllah...

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