Tuesday, May 19, 2009

weekend getaway

klang valley was scorching hot that we decided to get some cool air in penang. during our drive, we got the chance to visit some of the relatives (in other words : bertandang) and saja jalan-jalan makan angin. we went to penang hill, botanical garden .... tasted the nasi kandaq line clear ... chendol ... ohhh it was sinfully delightful ! tak sempat nak snap piccies ... terus ngap! anyway, feast your eyes of some of the pictures snapped during the weekend :

picturesque sunset ... the resort that we stayed in sangat lah dekat dgn pantai .... keluar2 gate je dah jupe pasir lalalalalala~~~

view from upper station, penang hill

looking flo wer .... that somehow will blossom into coconut-like thingy at the botanical garden. the name of the plant is something like canon ball


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