Wednesday, May 13, 2009

spa and such

was in the midst of watching the biggest loser and tonight's episode showed that the winner of the challenge would enjoy a full 1 hour of professional massage. and ohhh ... they seemed to be really enjoying the massage, with the oohhsss and aaahhhhsss .... tiba-tiba i pun terasa nak jugak laaa, please, please :p

the last time i had massage and spa was just a week prior to my akad nikah and i had it at khareyana spa, PJ. (readers can check it out at lucky us that the owner was around at that time and she gave a discount when we came .... initially the spa session was arranged for me but the owner berjaya coaxed prince H to have one as well. how sweet ya? so both prince H and i had the traditional balinese full body massage (of course in a different room) and they applied 'bali boreh', the special lulur powder bought and flown from bali and i tell you, the massage was really good that we actually able to put away the wild craziness of preparing the majlis for a while. (takde la wild craziness sangat pun... just feel like saying it ). the spa and massage was good, i supposed, because when i reached home, surprised to find pn zaba there and she commented that i looked glowy mlowy hahaha.

hmm. mama's bday is coming .... wonder if she wud love to have spa session for her bday? (then there's a reason for me to have one as well, dah alang2 drive her there, kan .... ;p)


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