Wednesday, May 6, 2009

new invention

if i were an inventor i would invent a handphone that is printer-friendly. it is built with a port that can connect to the printer..... and users are able to print smses, picture messages, contact details, pictures snapped via built-in camera.

reason being is, there are some smses from my dear ones that i feel sayang to delete them, and leave it in the mailbox. but then, the number of smses grew and grew that it left me with little space for incoming smses. cheh. call me sentimental. or whatever, but i have to admit that i once had copied all my smses into a small notebook together with its details e.g. time, date, etc. as if i had nothing better to do, eh ? hehehe ...

well, that is, if i were an inventor. anything is not impossible.


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