Saturday, October 16, 2010

cooking for one

pwincess is home alone for the whole week as mr hubs is away (for work) and parents are as usual, holidaying and this time their destination is perth.

but anyhow, the good news is, i get to conquer the kitchen! hahaha (evil laugh) .. !!!

so, i've done a bit of cooking experiments here and there since the kitchen is all mine, yeah baby.....
this one i got the recipe from dayang jack. as usual, i forgot to copy the recipe for future ref ... huhu, but i didnt follow the recipe to a T ... biasalah ... degil piang ....

but if i remember it's how i did it:

1. steam tofu for 10 minutes
2. heat the oil and tumis garlic, shallots and ginger (all these are readily pounded at my
home, so i used about a teaspoon or so of each)
3. then i add sambal belacan - about 1 tablespoon

4. stir it to avoid hangit and then add a tblspoon of oyster sauce and kicap lemak masin habhal
5. add a teeny bit of sugar into wok
6. add in dried mushroom (soaked earlier)

7. once cooked, pour sauce onto the steamed tofu. sprinkle sesame seed, fried shallots and daun saderi.

this one is simple and easy peasy dish ... taken frm myresipi

Bahan-bahan ( 2-3 org )

  • 150 gm taugeh
  • * 2 sb air panas
  • * 1/2 sk serbuk pati ayam
  • 1/2 sk kicap pekat
  • 1 sb kicap manis
  • 1 1/2 sb sos tiram
  • 1 sk minyak bijan / minyak bawang putih
  • sedikit lada sulah
  • secubit garam (sekiranya sos tiram yg digunakan tak masin)


  1. Celur taugeh, jgn lama takat 1 min jer. Toskan airnya dan ketepikan
  2. Satukan bahan bertanda *. Sekiranya buat nasi ayam lg sedap gunakan kuah sup. Ambil 2sb sebagai ganti air panas.
  3. Satukan bahan bertanda * dan bahan yg lain, siap sos. Tuang sos keatas taugeh celur tadi.
  4. Sebelum dihidang taburlah dgn hirisan daun bawang, lada merah dan bawang goreng.

this apple and cucumber salad recipe i got from dr adamo's book - diet for O blood group.

50 g green apple, 50 g cucumber - dice

a box of mini sunmaid raisins
4 tbsp of oil - i used 2 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp honey - i used 1 tbsp

hohoho .... i still get my desserts despite being alone at home ... hihi. got the recipe from rima

This one is from mat gebu. pandai dia ni masak-masak tau.

ok, that's about it .... lets see .... what should i cook for lunch today? i'm thinking of having sup ikan jenahak and steamed broccoli, how's that??


Hafiz said...

Huhu, dapnya.. nak...

pwincess D said...

alaaa........sian orang outstation ni. nanti balik, shompeh masakkan otey?

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