Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Taste of Norway

yeay! mr hubs aka prince suda balik ... oh oh ohhh besnye.

and ape lagi yang bes tau ... malam pwincess fetch prince from the airport tu, we went to Norwegian Seafood Gala Dinner 2010 ... macam celebration gitu ... ahaks~

haa .... kat mana dinner tu?

mestilah kat norway.

tak caya?

haa ... tu basket picnic kitaorang. tapi bukan kat norway, tapi kat mandarin oriental. this spectacular event is held every year and as the name implies, the gala dinner promises a scrumptious spread of all types of seafood. walla...

when we arrived at the grand ballroom, mat salleh punye laa ramai. terasa pulak mcm bukan kat mesia, tu yang pwincess kata gala dinner kat norway tu, hehe. our invitation card says the event starts at 7.oo pm tapi janji norwegian sama je dengan janji malaysian, dinner actually started at 8.00 pm.

the dishes were stunningly served and the decor was magnificent ... haruslah extravagant pasal kat otel kan, but lets just check these out :

all these are real & fresh from the deep sea, man

i poked and put my fingers on its teeth, tajam gilos siyes tak tipu

a close shot of the monkfish

aww, not to forget the vikings' ship

once everyone was seated, the lights were dimmed and we were enthralled by the 'opening show' by mr MC. seems like the norwegians are proud of their vikings and seafood and thus, we were enlightened about the history of vikings, difference between the vikings from Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

oh ya, the vvips that were invited on that night's event were Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen and the Norwegian ambassador. we were also introduced to the event's chef, Chef Frank Naesheim. Chef Frank explained that the buffet was the result of collaboration between chefs from Norway and Malaysia, blendng skills and traditions from the two countries.

The list of food is too long, by the way. there were cold dishes, hot dishes, dishes cooked according to Malaysian style, Japanese style, Western and of course, Norwegian style. Desserts pun toksah kata la .... the chefs were being transparent with the ingredients used for the dishes, yang ada wine wine tu, bleh awal-awal kita slash out from our list to eat kan ... ha jimat masa dan tenaga

*the following pictures were taken from cumi dan ciki because pwincess and prince were both kelaparan, dah tak dan nak snappy-snappy gambaq

orang2 dah start keliaran nak melantak makanan

fuh ... hot and sexy legs~

pilihan sushi malam tu...

wasabi mana leh tinggal beb

fresh kan? adoi yai

caviar ... memang terbaikkk!

malam tu memang salmon banyak giler ahhhhh, kalau tak puas2 gak tatau nak ckp pe

more and more salmons

live station - the gravlav carving station


halus mulus susunan shrimps

did i mention that our entertainers for that night were the Alleycats?

ha ha.

okeh sori. pwincess bukan nak gelakkan alleycats tapi nak gelak bila teringat minah-minah salleh ni sume gelak terguling-guling once alleycats ni bukak mulut and nyanyi.

we were overloaded with seafood on that night .... we had unlimited servings of lobster, crayfish, king crab, mackerel, atlantic halibut, caviar, salmon etc etc etc. i tasted monkfish for the first time as well .... manis and best giler isi dia, despite its ugliness ...huhuhu. so don't judge the book by its cover yah kawan-kawan .... or in this context, don't judge the fish by its look wakekekeke~

so malam tu perut sangatlah kenyang .... nak bagi food tu turun, kitaorang pun lepak-lepak la jap. sambil minum coke, we were entertained by Mr and Mrs Foeling .... we were shown picture slides of Norway ... menarik but laidback sket ahh ...

okaylah .... ending of story ialah .... the pwincess lives happily ever after ....


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