Friday, May 18, 2012

Babymoon Trip 2012 to Kuching - Part 3

Day 4: 6th February 2012

Kuching DUN's Building from the main gate.
Diwani's Kek Lapis, Satok. Our rented car owner recommended this shop however it is not cheap.
One of the pottery factory along Batu 4 Jalan Datuk Amar Kalong Ningkan
Some of the beautiful potteries
Me admiring the potteries
Pit Stop for Laksa Sarawak
Fuh, 3 layered tea

Indian Street
Goodies along Indian Street. It is more or less the same as Jalan TAR, KL. However the prices is not so competitive, definitely Serikin is a better place for 'Kains'
River Cruise
Proof of our journey along Kuching's river along the Kuching's river  
DUN's building view from across the river


Visiting Mira's and Dayang Salhah's Kek Lapis shop across the river
At the back is our accomodation for the day
The famous Kuching's Cat sculpture

At Raja Ayam Penyet
The famous Raja Ayam Penyet "Ayam Penyet". Opt for Pisang Cheese. But its already out of stock and it is only 8 pm.

Day 5: 7th February 2012

Since today is our last day, so we decided to go site seeing in Kuching town. And  our last venue was the famous Cats Museum located at Kuching Municipal's Office
One of Kuching's museum
Fauna's Museum
Admiring the big cats at Kuching Cat's museum
Last view of Kuching. Bye Kuching.


Hafiz said...

Marah pergi cari pisang cheese sampai 3 kali, semua sold out

pwincess D said...

a ah ... mule2 dtg, katanye tak start buat lagi. seken time dtg kata dah habis sedangkan mase malam masih muda, third time kata out of stock.

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