Friday, May 25, 2012

Hydrotherapy at Prince Court Medical Centre


Pwincess masih bersiaran lagi ... hik hik hik .... walaupun at the mo ialah 39 weeks and 2 days~

Anyway, I did mention that my gynae signed me up for hydrotherapy sessions before this, right? Most of Dr Seri's patients memang akan di-rekemen untuk join hydrotherapy ni. Hydrotherapy has so many benefits ... kalau tak caye, sila google ye. So for those who would like to know what I went through, please read on...

The therapy consists of 3 parts : heat therapy, massage therapy and lastly, therapy in the pool. Mule2 physiotherapist akan assess you and tell you what your problem is, where and what you need to do in order to improve that issue that you are having, etc. Then, you will be asked to lie flat on your back, on a heat pack for 15-20 mins, no more than 40 mins and followed by massage. The heat pack at pcmc is a large sized one, so it covers almost every inch of your back, and it feels very, very good! Kalau nak beli sendiri, buat kat rumah pun digalakkan, kedai tu ade kat bangsar dan berharga rm3xx (cant remember). There are 2 types of heat pack; manual (you need to rebus dia) and electric - convenient but you need to ensure ade plug point dekat2 where you want to lie.

Then, comes the massage part. well. ni susah la nak ckp caner nak massage. korang kena g berguru dgn physiotherapist sana la. hihi. The heat and massage therapy boleh start dari awal pregnancy sampai ke akhir pregnancy, but for pool therapy hanya can start from 5 months (20 weeks) up to 36 weeks. This is to avoid contraction pra-matang. Yup ... hanya up to 36 weeks ... i was about to lie when it's time for me to say bye bye to hydrotherapy ...but everyone in the group seems to know and me taleh tipu. huhu.

The hydrotherapy class is conducted 3 times a week (Mon, Wed and Fri) , and you can't do it everyday. kena selang sehari if possible. The class starts at 1130 and takes about an hour. Your blood pressure will be measured, and then off you go, jump into the pool. ohhh how nice... 

 Nak tgk tak pool dia? Jom kita skodeng ...

 Best, kan?

Mula-mula warm-up, then march to and fro ...march backwards ... if I can still remember, these are some of the moves that we usually do:
-  place the floater between your thighs and do the carousel move, again, forward and backward. 
-  lean on your back at the side of the pool, place the floater at your right ankle and lift up and down while standing straight on the other leg. change ankle.
- step on the floater with one foot and lift up your knee 90 degrees while stabilising your body with the other leg
- sit on the floater, ensure good posture, both knees 90 degrees and kayuh with your both hands to move forward and backward  (there's another similar move like this only that the floater is between your thighs)
 and banyak lagi ... penat nak type.

pastu, warm down. and the class ends with relaxation session. you will be floating on the water, while closing your eyes, practise deep breathing and relaxing.....

I am already missing the class while I'm writing this. I feel quite blessed dapat attend these kinds of classes ... itu pwincess cakap, bertuah betul baby ni, melimpah ruah rezeki dia .... syukur alhamdulillah :)


Ayeen Kadir said...

Assalamualaikum, may I know the hydrotherapy pool session costed you for one session? Hope it's not too rude of me to ask. Because I'm doing a research on the hydrotherapy pool and hoping you could help. Thank you in advance :)

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